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Welcome to the Town of Burlington

Where hometown spirit and community pride abound

Public Notice

Starting June 11, 2020, at noon, the Town of Burlington will be reopening the playground. As part of the ongoing efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19, please continue following the proper safety protocols, including:

  • Stay home if you’re feeling sick
  • Continue social distancing
  • Follow US CDC physical distancing guidelines and keep at least 6 feet apart from others
  • Use hand sanitizer/wash your hands when you return home

Tax Collector

Jesse McNally:
Current year’s taxes, motor vehicle renewals, etc...

Click here for more information.

Town Clerk

Mandi Muncey:
Voter registrations; birth, death, and marriage certificates, etc...

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Katie Landry: Manages the revenue and cash flow of the town.

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Town Government

The town of Burlington has a Town Meeting-Selectperson form of municipal government.

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Deadline for Nomination Papers

Our Services

Here's what we do for you

Vehicle Registration

Cars, trucks, vans, motorcyles, ATV's etc...

Hunting and Fishing

Regardless of the season, come see us to get your license

Current Year's Taxes

Property tax collection for the current fiscal year

Voter Registration

Whether you've just moved here, or just attained voting age, we can get you registered

Legal Certificates

Getting married, had a baby or the passing of a loved one, come see us

Pet Licenses

New puppy or an adoption, we'll get them registered and licensed

Property Tax

If you need information regarding prior year taxes

Fiscal Information

For information regarding the town's fiscal status

Code Enforcement

For all building permits and zoning regulation information

General Town Office Hours

See Treasurer & Tax Collector services for those hours

Town Clerk Office Hours:

Monday 9am - 12pm
Tuesday 9am - 12pm
Wednesday 9am - 12pm
Thursday 9am - 12pm
Friday 9am - 12pm 
Saturday & Sunday CLOSED



Your Town Selectmen

We work for you
Rick Marvel
Rick Marvel
First Selectman
Rick is the first selectman of Burlington, and along with his wife Lori, owns the Burlington General Store, and is part of the Back Country Snowmobilers Club.
Eric Belokstolsky
Eric Belokstolsky
Second Selectman
A New York City Ironworker by trade, Eric moved to Burlington at the end of 2017 to pursue a quieter, more fulfilling lifestyle that is close to nature.
Third Selectman

Animal Control Officer

Julie Stevens may be reached at 860-324-3292

Per State law all dogs must be registered with the town.

To do so please bring proof of your dog’s rabies vaccination to the Town Clerk, Mandi Muncey, during regular town office hours (Monday-Friday 9-12 PM).

Registration fees are as follows:

Neutered/Spayed Animals – $6.00 (must provide documentation for first registration)

Intact Animals – $11.00

Starting February 1st, 2019 a $25 late fee will be added per dog for late licensing.

If you would like to contact Mandi, please call the town office at 732-3985.