Burlington Historical Society

The museum includes five buildings along Burlington’s Main Road, including the tavern and the Willing Worker’s “Comfort Lodge.” In addition to the antique furniture, appliances and items of daily work and living there are many old photographs, scrapbooks, newspaper clipping and town reports available to browse or study.

The museum is open on the 4th of July following the pancake breakfast, and Sundays from 2 to 4 PM after the 4th of July through Labor Day. Volunteers from the historical society open the buildings and remain on hand to welcome visitors. There is no cost of admission. The historical society is entirely funded by donations, fundraisers and membership dues. Stewart M. Lord Memorial Historical Society – www.smlmhs.org

News coverage of the community coming together for the Historical Society —
From WABI TV (www.wabi.tv/2012/08/22/burlington-historical-society-sees-community-support-in-preserving-town)

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