Municipal Officers

Our Town Government

The town of Burlington has a Town Meeting-Selectperson form of municipal government. Historically this form of government has endured and served towns throughout Maine and has often been called the “purest” form of democracy.

The key to this particular form of town government is the town meeting. In Burlington the town meeting is held annually on the last Monday in March. All citizens are encouraged to attend the town meeting to vote and decide on important issues facing the town. Those issues are listed in the form of various articles on a warrant which also announces the time and place of the town meeting. At the meeting votes are taken on each article before the town.

The town meeting serves as the legislative body of the local government in that it passes any laws needed for the governance of the town, ordinances, approval of budgetary items, and elects various town officers.

Of the officers elected at the annual town meeting, the board of selectpersons perform the executive function of this type of government by administering, enforcing, and carrying out the decisions made at the meeting throughout the year.

The 2019-2020 Board of Selectpersons:

First Selectman Richard Marvel

Second Selectman Eric Belokostolsky

Third Selectman Margaret Harris


The board meets every Tuesday night at 6 p.m. at Town Hall and the public is welcome!

Town Hall
1523 Long Ridge Road
Burlington, ME 04417


PLEASE NOTE:  Every attempt is made to publish Selectmen Meeting Minutes here on this page as soon as possible, however, if they are not available, they are always on file in hard copy at the town office.