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Representative Beth Turner
P.O. Box 65
Burlington, ME

Dear Ms Turner,

The Burlington Withdrawal Committee sincerely thanks you for your support, guidance and efforts with our initiative to allow Burlington students school choice and to give Burlington residents better control and a stronger voice in the cost of educating our students. We also thank you for your offer to propose legislative changes to Maine State Statute § 1466 in support of this effort.

The committee has researched previous years “off year” voter participation numbers and run scenarios using the very high vote count seen in November’s gubernatorial election. As a result, we believe our cause would be better served allowing the statute to remain as it is and not requesting a change in the statute.

Again, thank you for your consideration. It is certainly comforting to know we have an advocate in the state legislature and hope we are able to call on you again should the need arise.


Burlington Withdrawal Committee
Pat MacEachern
Maureen Bean
Arline Smith
Clarence Bearce


 The Burlington Board of Selectpersons and the Burlington Withdrawal Committee (BWC) are committed to keeping the residents of Burlington fully informed of our progress in the complex process of formulating a withdrawal agreement from RSU 31. Consistent with this commitment please review the update below. We will continue to give you updates via direct mail as well as updates to Burlington’s internet home page.

The petition with the required number of signatures was received April 15th.

The first public hearing was held July 29th.

A special election was held on Aug. 9th resulting in the overwhelming margin of 96 affirmative and 10 negative votes to proceed with the effort.

On Aug. 11th notices were sent (via registered mail) by the Burlington municipal officers and from the town clerk advising the commissioner and the AOS superintendent of the petition adopted, the affirmative and negative votes cast and the reason why the electorate is seeking to withdraw.

On Aug. 15th the commissioner sent a letter to the Burlington municipal officers, the AOS superintendent and the RSU board chair stating that all requirements to establish a withdrawal committee had been met and instructed our single director on the board, Maureen Bean, to serve on that committee and advising the chair of the RSU of her responsibility to call a meeting to elect a chair for the withdrawal committee.

On Aug. 25th the Burlington municipal officers appointed Clarence Bearce, Arline Smith and Pat MacEachern to serve on the withdrawal committee.

On Sept. 10th the AOS chair presided over a meeting where Pat MacEachern was elected as chair of the Burlington Withdrawal Committee.

Fred Woodman, who is the superintendent for Lowell, has agreed to help Burlington with this project including the forming of a budget. The withdrawal committee has been working on and is making good progress with the preparation of the agreement. We have retained the service of Roger Huber with Farrell, Rosenblatt & Russell to represent us. He has been extremely helpful in preparation of the withdrawal agreement and will assist us in the negotiation with RSU 31 and ensure we are meeting all requirements set forth in the statute.

The BWC made a request to the education commissioner for an extension for sending the withdrawal agreement for his approval (according to our legal counsel, this is not only normal but expected). The commissioner granted the request making our new deadline for submission February 11, 2015.