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 The petition with the required number of signatures was received April 15th.

The first public hearing was held July 29th.

A special election was held on Aug. 9th resulting in the overwhelming margin of 96 affirmative and 10 negative votes.

On Aug. 11th notices were sent (via registered mail) by the Burlington municipal officers and from the town clerk advising the commissioner and the AOS superintendent of the petition adopted, the affirmative and negative votes cast and the reason why the electorate is seeking to withdraw.

On Aug. 15th the commissioner sent a letter to the Burlington municipal officers, the AOS superintendent and the AOS board chair stating that all requirements to establish a withdrawal committee had been met and instructed our single director on the board, Maureen Bean, to serve on that committee and advising the chair of the AOS of her responsibility to call a meeting to elect a chair for the withdrawal committee.

On Aug. 25th the Burlington municipal officers appointed Clarence Bearce, Arline Smith and Pat MacEachern to serve on the withdrawal committee.

On Sept. 10th the AOS chair presided over a meeting where Pat MacEachern was elected as chair of the Burlington Withdrawal Committee.

We are now at the point where the withdrawal committee is tasked with the preparation of the agreement. Fred Woodman, who is the superintendent for Lowell, has agreed to help Burlington with this project including the forming of a budget.