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***** FROM THE OFFICE OF THE BOARD OF SELECTMEN REGARDING TAX FORECLOSURES  . . .  Some have questioned how a real estate tax lien gets foreclosed. Foreclosure of a tax lien has nothing to do with the amount of tax owed but rather with the time the tax has remained unpaid.  Following is the process:

Usually around August 1st of each year the real estate taxes are sent out.  If after eight months the tax has not been paid, the tax collector sends a notice by certified mail to the property owner stating that if the tax is not paid within 30 days he will place a lien on the property. If the tax is not paid within the 30 days, a lien is filed and recorded in the Registry of Deeds and the file is given to the treasurer.  Once given to the treasurer, the taxpayer then has 18 months to pay the tax. If the tax is not paid within that 18 months, the treasurer sends a notice via certified mail to the taxpayer stating that if the tax is not paid within 30 days the lien will automatically foreclose and the property will then belong to the town.

It should be noted with the passage of time, that from the time the treasurer sends the last notice to the taxpayer, there is now three years of unpaid taxes.

If the tax in not paid within that 30 days the tax lien is foreclosed, the property then belongs to the town and the treasurer turns the file over to the Board of Selectmen.

At that time the Board of Selectmen attempt to meet with the taxpayer and work out an agreement to have the taxes paid. Usually an agreement can be reached, the taxes paid and the Board of Selectmen then deed the property back to the taxpayer.

If however, an agreement cannot be reached to have the taxes paid the Board of Selectmen usually advertise the property for sale, receive bids and sell the property to the highest bidder.

Seldom does the issue reach this stage.

We hope this explanation answers any questions.

*****  HOMEOWNERS . . . The ISO rating for Burlington has improved to an 8B-10.  When renewing your homeowners insurance policy be sure your insurance company has that rating as this will greatly reduce your fire insurance premium.  A copy of the letter confirming this reduction may be obtained from the town office if needed.

WE WANT YOU!!! The Board of Selectmen are looking for any residents interested in serving on the Town’s Appeals Board (two appeals board positions are available).  Please contact the Board if you are interested!